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Relax and jewelry.









リング  2,000円〜
ピアス 1ペア  3,300円〜
バングル  2,400円〜

リング  1,300円〜
ピアス1ペア 1,900円〜
バングル  1300円〜



NEON is a jewelry brand that adults can wear casually.

Relax and enjoy yourself as you are.
Isn't this a very sophisticated thing that you can do better as you get older?

We propose everyday jewelry that suits the charms of adults who live in their own way.

▪️About care ▪️
・In order to keep the new feel long, it is effective to wash it lightly with water or warm water after use, and to dry it with a soft cloth.
・If you use silver cloth or cleaner for matted or plated products, the texture may be damaged.
・ When you are not using it, put it in a bag to avoid dust and moisture, and store it so that the jewelry does not rub or bump into anything.
・ Sweat and dust can cause discoloration and stains in accessories.Please remove jewelry when exercising, cooking, taking a bath or taking a hot spring.
・Please be careful that cosmetics and perfume reach the jewelry.

▪️About Silver Products
・Silver products have characteristics that change color due to the reaction of ion content in the air, sweat, cosmetics, chemicals, hot spring water, pool water, detergent, etc.

▪️About gold plating (coating) products
・Gold plating changes color with use. Also, the plating becomes thin and peeling off due to normal wear and friction.These are gold plated features, so please be aware before you purchase them are purchased.

▪️About matte processed products
・The matted product is designed to be hard to get glossy, but depending on how often you use it and how you use it, the uneven surface may be removed and it may get glossy.Please be aware of this before purchasing.

▪️About after-sales service
・Gold-plated or matted products can be reprocessed to restore their original state.Refurbishing can be done by NEON.

▪️ Precautions for use
・Depending on the constitution, itching and rash may occur, so if you feel any abnormalities in the skin, please stop using it and consult with a specialist.
・Please take off jewelry as it may cause physical harm when you work hard or play intense sports, go to bed or take care of an infant.Please do not use jewelry such as earrings in hot places such as sauna or extremely cold places such as ski resorts as it may cause burns or frostbite.